Design a native mobile application for Silver Screen Cinemas, a movie theater brand that recently decided to expand into drive-in theaters as a way to help customers get back into the group movie watching experience, due to the pandemic. Your client, Silver Screen Cinemas, wants to stand our from their competition, such as AMC, Regal, Cinemax and Fandango by making sure their application has a stellar group booking experience. The group booking experience needs to consider a easy way for each member of the group to individually pick movies they would like to watch and help the group narrow down by way of an in-app ranking or polling feature rather then the process of picking a movie resulting in a huge text tread as it happens to many of their customers today.

The goal of this project is to follow the design process start to finish by leveraging all that we have learned so far in the course, both the theory and the tactical. As always if at any time you would like a critique drop me a line! Look forward to seeing your designs!


Document this project in Figma with 1 page for the final design proposal and 1 page for all your working thoughts and ideas. Make sure to name your pages accordingly.

Silver Screen Cinemas has shared their brand guidelines for you to use and consider throughout this project. Make sure your designs are consistent with their brand, but also feel free to expand on the brand guidelines into more of a design system.

This application can either be for iOS or Android, consider the platform’s design patterns such as navigational elements throughout your design process.

The application should include at minimum a home page, a movie page where you can learn about the film, plus the booking experience and 2 other pages of your choice. Likely there will be several other pages that could be designed as well.

Milestone 1: Planning & Research

Due: Oct 12th. This first milestone will help you set up the scope of work and step into the larger project/design process. Your project plan will callout all pages you would like to include include in the design to create the full experience. This milestone should include:

  • A site map of your project, visualizing the information architecture. (10 points) (site map reference)
  • Research in the form of commentary on competitors, such as noting the usability heuristics and user’s mental model. (20 points)
  • Design inspiration from site like Dribbble or other products in the world, with documented comments and question about the work. (20 points)

Milestone 2: Sketches & Ideation

Due: Oct 16th. The second milestone starts to visualize your ideas, questions and explorations from the planning & research phase! This milestone should include:

  • Lots of sketches on different idea, thinking about the divergent phase of the process. Explore many different ideas across all the pages you will be designing. (30 points)
  • Questions that come to mind that aid in further research. The more the merrier! (15 points)
  • Platform of choice, pick between either iOS or Android (5 points)

Milestone 3: First Client Review

Due: Oct 21st. This third milestone transforms your ideas into designs that look and feel more like a real product, accounting for user workflows and visual design details.

  • Hi-fi designs, produce hi-fi designs bring your ideas into works that look closer to reality
  • Presentation, present your hi-fi designs in a way that clearly states your problem solving. Think about composing a presentation that helps you capture constructive comments from the design crit.
  • Critique, design crit plays a major role in the design process. Leave at least 3 constructive comments on each of your classmate’s projects (Due Oct 23rd)

Milestone 4: Final Product

Due: Oct 28th. The final product, a culmination of the full process from research to solution. Your design proposal and a representation of all your process done to date. Of course through out the project you can go back and add to any phase of the process that helps you refine your final solution.

  • Iterations from open question and critique comments, explore both divergent and convergent ideas
  • A clear presentation of your solution. Think about the problems you are solving, how you solved it and what next steps might look like.

Grading Rubric

This assignment will account for 200 points.

  Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Final Product
  50 points 50 points 50 points 50 points
0% No Evidence No Evidence No Evidence No Evidence