Based on comments from your audit and other best practices re-design the Noodlehead site. Think about and design for both mobile users and desktop users. Remember to consider key workflows such as exploring the menu, getting their location and hours and placing an online order.

Show the process through comments, questions, screenshots, inspiration, doodles, workflow diagrams etc. If you need help with picking a method feel free to leverage the Human-Centered Design Handbook

The goal of this project is to help you create a solid portfolio piece to representing something you would envision being out in the world for a real client.

If at any time you would like feedback along the way, drop a comment on Slack happy to help contribute to your iteration process!


Our “client” saw the designs from the first part of this assignment and wanted to push the team to thing about what if there wasn’t a separate experience for ordering but it was cleanly integrated into to the home page menu. Thinking about creating an quick and easy way to place an order.

Your challenge is to create a nicely integrated ordering experience to the re-design. In addition to showcasing the brand and general usability of the product. Leverage previous class materials to help you on this journey!


Document this assignment in Figma with 1 page for the final design proposal and 1 page for all your working thoughts and ideas.

My recommendation on device/frame size is to use the Figma’s Macbook Pro (1440 x 900) for your desktop layout and Figma’s iPhone 11 Pro / X (375 x 812) for your mobile designs.

Grading Rubric

This assignment will account for 60 points. Looking at both your process to get to your final result and the final design proposal across mobile and desktop. In many ways the process or story to get to the end result is more valuable then the end result and the grading is weighted as such.

The critique comments mentioned last week will also be accounted for as part of this assignment.

  Process Design Proposal Critique
  30 points 20 points 10 points
100% Cleary details out thought process and problems that are being explored and resolved Clearly demonstrates possible solutions to problem areas both functional and visual 3 comments recorded per assignment
80% Showcases process and line of thinking using several different methods Demonstrates understanding and solutions to uncovered problems 80% of total comments
60% Showcases some process and line of thinking Demonstrates some changes functional and visual from the current 60% of total comments
40% Articulates minimal process with no reference to your line of thinking Demonstrates minimal functional or visual from the current 40% of total comments
20% Minor process articulated Only minor visual changes are demonstrated 20% of total comments
0% No Evidence No Evidence No Evidence