Working with developers is a key part of shipping a product. Learning and considering technical underpinnings is a necessary part of the design process, but unfortunately often gets forgotten.

Today we will also have a special guest Luke Hottinger:

Well-architected data systems are Luke’s passion. As a data engineer at Carnegie Mellon, Luke has the privilege to solve the complex data challenges that face his alma mater. With his full-stack technologist background, he is able to bring unique perspectives when architecting and building the systems that not only move and store data, but also help drive key business intelligence metrics.

Luke is currently working to organize the mass of health information from Carnegie Mellon’s COVID-19 Return to Campus planning initiatives.


Writing Assignment

By Wednesday the 10th at 11:59pm (the day before class) post a response to the reading materials below taking into consideration the questions listed below and post several question you would like discussed around the development process. The assignment should be submitted to the #general channel on Slack.


Questions to Consider

  • What will you adjust about your process with a better understanding of the development process?
  • Are these part of the development process you would like to be more familiar with if so which parts?