As we wrap up the semester today we will also have a special guest Ceda Verbakel:

I currently work at the technology investment and innovation arm of a large healthcare organization in the US. Recent projects include leading the design of two in-house COVID-related digital tools, and prior to the pandemic, supporting strategic decision making across operations, technology and architecture for a specialty outpatient hospital build. I also collaborate on design sprints that deep dive on specialty areas (e.g. concussion, menopause, rehab etc.), and assist in the vetting of emerging digital healthcare technologies for possible partnership and/or investment.

Before making my way to design I completed a double degree in bioethics & genetics, worked as a sexual health & relationships educator in Melbourne, and was the founding manager of a maker space in Toronto. I also help facilitate futures workshops and design artifacts for Situation Lab. I finished my masters in design at Carnegie Mellon in 2019.