We have spend the last several weeks talking about design theory, principles, frameworks and methodology. Now lets get deep into how we apply these principles and the theory of design to our design process.

Writing Assignment

By Wednesday the 22nd at 11:59pm (the day before class) post a several paragraph response to the reading materials below taking into consideration the questions listed as well. The assignment should be submitted to the #general channel on Slack.


By the start of class go through your classmates Responsify assignments in Figma and leave them constructive feedback for their iteration process. Provide at least 3 comments per assignment. This work will be recorded as part of Responsify Part 2


Questions to Consider

  • How can I give my colleagues constructive feedback on their work and leverage that feedback on my own work?
  • As the presenter in a critique how do I make sure I share the right amount of information for others to give me appropriate feedback?
  • What approaches will I take the next time I get stuck in iterating through a design?
  • How do I make sure that my design iterations are both divergent and convergent?


  • Watch ā€œConvergent Thinking Versus Divergent Thinkingā€